Robert del Naja (3D) is a founding member of the band Massive Attack and remains at the group’s core today. Using the tag 3D, he has been active as a graffiti artist since his teenage years. Alongside his crew The Wild Bunch, he is credited as the spiritual leader of the graffiti scene in his native city of Bristol, and his paintings blazed a trail for the urban art movement that was to follow.

3D’s painting has represented Massive Attack since the band’s inception to the present day, on albums from Blue Lines to 100th Window. It also appeared on no less than four albums for James Lavelle’s UNKLEproject. The imagery for the UNKLE LP War Stories featured in the 2007 Lazarides exhibition War Paint. He is also heavily involved with the Massive Attack’s stadium-show stage visuals produced by United Visual Artists.


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