Eyedreampictures was founded as an online gallery in 2003 by artist and designer Bob Cosford. 


West London in the 1960s wasn’t the most exciting place to grow up. Quiet neighbourhoods with rows of small regimented identical houses with a couple of shops and a chippy at the top of the road. Going to the church youth club on a Sunday. Having a fag with mates down the back alleys and in the swing park. Playing footie on any open space you could find.

But when the Funfair came to town magical things began to happen. You were transported into a realm of difference. Starting with anticipation. Then there was the music and sounds as you got closer. The sense of excitement and possibly impending danger. Then the lights. Then the smells. The gangs of lads and girls and then the rides. All these youthful feelings combined to trigger a unique sense of escapism.

My work now tries to capture that ‘old school’ frisson of adventure lost in a world of social media and digital sanitisation. All works are hand finished either on wood or an aluminium substrate. They are cut, shaped, textured and riveted to create a pastiche of images that take you to another era. 

I worked for many years around Camden and Soho in London as a creative director for film and television production companies. My work included branding and design for major TV companies and businesses such as the BBC, ITV, MTV, Disney, Uefa, Trans World International, CCTV Beijing, TVP Sport Poland and many UK and European Ad Agencies. 

Eyedreampictures was created to showcase my original art created while working as an illustrator and also other artwork based on my more recent travels including concepts conceived while working on many of my television projects.

I moved to Bournemouth in 2011 and found a vibrant and flourishing artist’s community that included urban, street art, tattoo design and photography. Inspired by the many local artists my work now ranges from urban, street, pop, surrealism and lowbrow outsider art to illustration, comic and sculpture. 


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