At 16 Diablo hiked his way across North Africa from an artist’s kibbutz in Israel eventually finding his way to Spain where he became involved with a hippie cult in Andalusia. Attracted by the work of Antoni Gaudi he travelled north to Barcelona where he became radicalised into the Rojo Niebla (Red Mist) street art movement. Later he was arrested for squatting at the Figueres Dali Theatre-Museum (the largest surrealistic object on the planet). He quit Spain and travelled to Berlin where he lives in an Anarchist’s commune just a kilometre from the Berlin Wall graffiti gallery. This collection of art has been acclaimed as the last and most complete record of the social, political, and artistic expressions of the time of the divided city of Berlin. Diablo has recently been based in North London where he found inspiration for his latest urban artwork, a series of images with a unique socio-political narrative and ironic references to mainstream entertainment all based around an ice cream van.

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